Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Download FlashGet

Download FlashGet, mau download lebih cepart mungkin bisa gunakan Download FlashGet, dengan ini kecepatan download bisa meningkat berlipat -lipar mau Download FlashGet silahkan sahabat download sekarang

Dengan berbagai macam fiture

  • Download files from some file hosts properly, including,,, and
  • Add Pre-Download, now FlashGet could download files less than 50MB faster.
  • Add torrent auto downloading in Internet Explorer.
  • Improve the performance of downloading, especially of BitTorrent.
  • When you click a link in Internet Explorer, FlashGet will immediately add new task without the dialog "save as".
  • Add an option, when you click a link with pressing Ctrl or Alt or Shift in Internet Explorer, FlashGet will not add the task.
  • Speed limit is more accurate now.
  • Fix a bug that FlashGet can't get the comment and refer via Firefox add-on.
  • Fix some other bugs

Download FlashGet


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