Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aktivasi Windows seven dengan Windows 7 Loader

Aktivasi Windows seven mungkin itulah yang sahabat harus lakukan apabila menggunakan Os windoiws, aktivasi harus dilakuka, sekarang sudah keluar versi terbaru dari Windows 7 Loader yaitu versi 1.8, bagi sahabat yang belum melakukan aktivasi coba sahabat gunakan software ini


  • Input any Ultimate or Professional key (comes with 4 preset keys, I will add more for other versions when they are released)
  • Automatically finds an available drive letter (if required)
    Installer and uninstaller built in as standard
  • Checks your Windows 7 version and build before install
    Automatically finds your active boot partition (May work on Dell PC's)
  • Should work on all languages (Tested on simplified Chinese)
  • Should work with hidden partitions
  • Works on Windows 7 Ultimate and Professional editions
  • Support for bios modded users
  • Can activate Windows Vista SP2
  • Improves Windows 7 boot time on a Mac (Compared to other loaders)

Download Aktivasi Windows seven dengan Windows 7 Loader


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