Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mempercepat Download di Youtobe

Mempercepat Download di Youtobe dengan menggunakan GetGo Download Manager, Memang Youtobe menyediakan berbagai macam video, baik video tutorial software, video lucu, video suatu peristiwa semuanya tersedia di youtobe, jangan saja download video forno, nah untuk download lebih cepar bisa gunakan software GetGo Download Manager untuk mempercepat download di youtobe.

Dan software ini tersedia secara freeware, jadi bisa digunakan secara maksimal jadi bagi sahabat yang sering download di youtobe saya sarankan untuk menggunakan software ini

Fiture baru GetGo Download Manager

  • Added background ShellIcon fetch thread as well as a ShellIcon cache to speed up drastically on program startup when there are many downloads.
  • Added Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links to the Help menu
  • Enhanced main GUI such that it will no longer sticky when scrolling up and down even if there are many URLs/downloads.
  • Fixed – YouTube Major Upgrade on April 1, 2010 resulted 1-Click Download button to disappear from YouTube video pages.
  • Fixed – Installer DPI problem when installing onto system with higher DPI
  • Fixed – Firefox and IE Addon handling of the new YouTube video page layout

Jadi kalau sahabat sering download tidak salahnya sahabat coba dengan Mempercepat Download di Youtobe dengan software

Download Software Mempercepat Download di Youtobe


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